Last Friday I was a part of a panel discussion about arcades at NY Comic Con.  It was an amazing time.  Somehow, at 11 am on a Friday, we filled the room with people eager to hear a talk about arcades.  Leaves me feeling hopeful that the movie will receive a lot of attention when it is finished!  The panel was moderated by Tal Blevins who has been at IGN since the early days, 13 years and counting!  He was the perfect host.  Seth Killian was there providing an incredibly unique perspective (As far as I can tell he has one of the coolest jobs in the world).  Jamin Warren was beyond articulate, as always.  And let me state this here: In 20 years, Kill Screen will be the Rolling Stone of video games.   The Harlem Hero, Norman Burgess, was there waxing poetic about Chinatown Fair. And the star of the panel, Henry Cen, “Golden Cen” aka 50 Cen, was wonderfully cynical and cracking up the audience with his musings.    

Thank you all for coming and saying hi.  I met some new friends and look forward to continuing this discussion!